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About Us

Our Mission

We Defend Our Constitution, Institutions and Freedoms from King Trump, his political supporters, allies and anyone that embraces their disrespect for Our Constitution. 

Our designs give consumers the opportunity to voice their disdain for the current administration and its blatant disrespect of Our Constitution, Institutions and Freedoms.

We are NOT just another an anti-Trump apparel company; we use political satire to create politically charged thought provoking apparel that shines a bright light on our political leaders, their policies, rhetoric, demeanor and misdeeds. 

Our Creations tastefully (without profanity) depict the current issues confronting all Americans and Our Constitutional challenges on a real-time basis, what is happening “TODAY”.

We produce fresh social commentary of the political events taking place NOW and ensure our customers have fresh apparel and designs within a few days.  Near real-time event political attire.

As a bonus, every time you wear our apparel, you spread the word and voice your opinion on important issues happening today.  Exercising your constitutional right to peacefully protest.

Also, when you buy from King-Trump.com, we set aside 5% of the product purchase to donate to like-minded causes or candidates that defend our Constitution.

We Must Defend Our Constitution and Institutions, or We Will Lose Our Liberty!

Realtime designs

Our designs are today’s news, ripped from the headlines.

Fast Delivery

On-demand apparel creation to get your order to you as fast as possible.

Supporting the Cause

5% of product purchase will be donated to like-minded causes.

Empowering For the Common Good

We at King Trump apparel create clothing for the common good of our country that allows our customers to continually have a voice in the current political disfunction.

Apparel by the People, of the People, for the People.  With everything going on with “Fake News” and the inability of Trump to remain professional, we felt it was necessary to create apparel that challenges Trump’s lunacy.

Two guys with similar political views and a strong passion to let others express those same views. Together, we can bring awareness to the American People.

The world is not a fan of Trump and his every move seems to contradict what it is to be American. We thought why not have some fun with our current political disfunction by shining a bright light on our political leaders and their misdeeds. We hope to bring some laughter with casual poking fun at the Trump administration and his followers while raising everyone’s social consciousness.